Get a new perspective on cirrhosis

Are you up to date on the changing perspectives on the potential role that translocation of bacteria and bacterial endotoxins may play in the complications of cirrhosis?

As we improve the management of viral hepatitis it is expected that the number of patients with viral hepatitis-related cirrhosis will decrease. However, a number of patients already have cirrhosis, and other causes of cirrhosis; notably alcohol abuse, NASH/NAFLD, and autoimmune liver diseases, remain important or will likely increase.

While in Boston, take the opportunity to join this international faculty for this cutting edge symposium.

We will consider how bacterial translocation may interact with the patient's immune system and organs such as the brain, liver, and muscle, and whether this might determine whether patients suffer ACLF. Finally, in a panel discussion, the faculty will consider how manipulation of the microbiome may have clinical utility and what strategies are ready for "prime time".

Target audience

The educational design of this activity addresses the needs of physicians involved in the treatment of patients with cirrhosis who are concerned about improving outcomes in those with compensated and decompensated disease.