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Welcome to this educational resource entitled, From taxanes to epothilones: Targeting microtubules in breast cancer and beyond. This resource has been developed by an expert faculty for oncologists and other healthcare professionals involved in the care of patients with breast cancer and solid tumors, and who wish to optimize the care of those individuals.

Taxanes, introduced into clinical practice some 20 years ago, remain an important component of therapy for several solid tumors, including breast cancer. As the data have continued to support their role in the metastatic and, increasingly, the adjuvant setting, recurrent breast cancer in taxane-treated patients represents an important and continuing clinical challenge. Advances are being made within this rapidly evolving clinical area, including the development of the novel microtubule-targeting epothilones, of which ixabepilone is FDA-approved for use in taxane-resistant metastatic breast cancer.

We trust that you will find this CME-accredited resource a valuable educational tool, both for yourself and for educating others. The core slide deck provides a concise review of the role of microtubules in cellular physiology and reviews the mechanism of action of existing beta-tubulin binding agents and associated resistance pathways, so providing rationale for the use of epothilones in breast cancer management. Clinical data following taxane use in adjuvant and metastatic breast cancer are then reviewed alongside an insight into therapeutic options available for taxane-resistant disease. With a variety of epothilones in development and data rapidly evolving, final slides provide an overview of ongoing studies, both in taxane-naïve and resistant breast cancer, and in other solid tumors. Update slides provide an overview of the role of microtubules and anti-cancer drugs on cell migration, invasion, and metastasis in breast cancer, and describe the latest data for microtubule-targeting agents as adjuvant and metastatic therapies.

You are invited to request this CME-certified Teaching Resource that includes both PowerPoint slide visuals and speaker notes developed by an expert faculty. The Core Slide Deck may be requested on USB stick, or the Core Slides and Updates may be downloaded directly from this site.


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June 1, 2008
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